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Introducing the NuBottle™

You have chosen the One-Of-A-Kind NuBottle™ patent pending packaging system. A Premium Bottling System that has the physical appeal and environmental characteristics everyone is looking for. The NuBottle™ line has the bright white appearance and the soft-touch and feel of costly Premium Packaging without adding any toxic dye or softening agents to our bottles. With the addition of environmentally friendly color and unique glamor additives you can truly customize the NuBottle™ to make your product stand out

The NuBottle™ bottling system incorporates a turn-key approach to reaching your company’s environmental protocols that every conscious company has recently established. All components of the packaging are provided, making it an easy transition for companies that are truly “going green” to do so. The NuBottle™ system reduces transfer time and the headaches of buying separate components to achieve a well-designed package. The NuBottle™ is a Compostable, Biodegradable and Recyclable bottling system that provides both the bottle and closure. If the NuBottle™ gets outside of the waste stream, it slowly biodegrades with contact from the bacteria and moisture found in warm soil, salt and fresh waters whether in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

The materials in the NuBottle™ have been used for outdoor food preservation, and have been biodegrading in the soil we grow our crops in for years. There is no toxicity in the biodegradation process, so litter is eventually gone and the earth is unharmed. This type of biodegrading is well suited for the packaging industry that wants biodegradation to occur slowly in environmental conditions and more rapidly in controlled conditions. The NuBottle™ will slowly biodegrade in home composting, but the process is much longer than is practical.

With all these advantages the highly sustainable NuBottle™ system is the perfect choice for today’s environmentally conscious customer and the companies that provide them products. With islands of plastic in the oceans, litter everywhere and while recycling remains almost nonexistent, the NuBottle™ is the product that provides the customer with comfort in the end of life options for products they buy.

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Nuvision Bioplastics

  • Producer of Premium Compostable – Biodegradable Packaging
    Nuvision Bioplastics produces a range of biodegradable – compostable packaging for highly disposable products that enables consumers to feel good about the products they buy. Environmentally conscious companies increase their base while providing the sustainable, biodegradable packaging their customers demand.
  • International Approach To Product & Disposal
    Nuvision packaging provides companies the ability to distribute products internationally and are well suited for most end of life options, including litter. Composting, recycling, incineration, and long term biodegradation are all end of life options for the Nuvision product line. Because our products are bright white and we add no dye to our bottles, we eliminate the use of Titanium Dioxide, a chemical that has much scrutiny when introduced to the environment. Open international markets to your products and have the advantages of Nuvision packaging for their consumers.
  • Insourcing of Jobs
    Nuvision Bioplastics imports raw materials from Wuhan Huali Environmental Technologies in Wuhan China. The raw materials are processed into packaging and filled with product for sale within the US and around the world, keeping manufacturing jobs in the country and exporting finished products to the world.
  • Product of USA
    Nuvision Bioplastics produces packaging for products in the USA that are domestically and internationally consumed, bringing the “Product of the USA” label back.

NuBottle™ is:

  • Premium Soft-Touch & Bright White Appearance
    NuBottle™ is a Premium Bottling Line incorporating a high quality Soft Touch feel and a bright white appearance that will set your product apart from the competition. No Titanium Dioxide is added to make the NuBottle™.
  • Highly Sustainable Bottling Line
    The NuBottle™ has embraced Sustainability by changing the structure of the polymer compound to include 60% Non-Petroleum based biodegradable material.  This lowers the amount of petroleum based polymers to 40%tha are also biodegradable, and unlike other products the NuBottle™ does not compound with non-biodegradables.. The combination of the NuBottle™ polymer blend has the functional characteristics needed for todays advanced products..
  • Compostable
    The NuBottle™ material components are certified as Compostable under ASTM D6400, BPI, EN13432, VinCotte, Din Certo, & OK Compost. The NuBottle™ will slowly biodegrade in home composting, but the process is longer than is practical and is not recommended.
  • Recyclable
    NuBottle’s (Plastarch Material) is recyclable. As with other plastics the PSM material can be sanitized and reground to add to new PSM to make more NuBottle’s. Being a Non-Clear plastic used in small bottling, health care products and cosmetic packaging means very little of our product gets recycled, and mostly ends up in landfills or as litter. Clear Plastic packaging has ended up in the PET recycling stream and has been a formidable problem due to only 1% renders recycling batches contaminated and unusable.
  • Incineration Produces Non-Toxic Smoke and Non-Toxic Residue
    In multiple countries incineration is used to get rid of waste. The NuBottle™ can be incinerated and will produce Non-Toxic Smoke and Non-Toxic Residue. This is a big advantage in Latin America and other areas that are landlocked and don’t want highly discard able items in landfills.
  • Slow Biodegrading Process in Soil and Water in the Natural Environment
    Sufficiently slower biodegradation process occurs than composting, but given long term contact to aerobic and anaerobic microbes in warm soil & water the NuBottle™ will slowly degrade. This is not intended to set a time frame, as the conditions in the natural environment are not controlled.
  • Slow Anaerobic Biodegrading Process
    Sufficiently slower biodegradation process occurs than composting, but given long term contact to aerobic and anaerobic microbes in warm soil & water the NuBottle™ will slowly degrade. This is not intended to set a time frame, as the conditions in the natural environment are not controlled.
  • No Titanium Dioxide For White Coloring
    Nuvision does not add Titanium Dioxide when manufacturing the NuBottle™. Titanium Dioxide is under major scrutiny as a harmful substance and Nuvision products achieve their white appearance without adding it.
  • High heat Tolerance
    Nuvision Products have a higher heat tolerance than other bioplastic products. This adds functionality to the Nuvision line that is important to consumers and product producers.
  • Indefinite Shelf Life
    No biodegradation occurs with the Nuvision line of products until there is contact with warmth, moisture and microbes as found in natural soil and water. There will be an indefinite shelf life for products that are shipped and stored within recommended conditions. Nutraceuticals, Health & Beauty Care, and Cosmetics have strict storage and shelf life guidelines which are also optimal for Nuvision packaging.

NuBottle™ Materials Certifications

Nuvision’s Exclusive PSM bottling material has been evaluated by Organic Waste Systems, (OWS) in Belgium, the most authoritative test organization in the world, and meets or exceeds the following evaluation criteria:

  • MATERIAL (CHEMICAL) COMPOSITION AND TOXICITY: Material is tested for the presence of organic contaminants and regulated heavy metals
  • BIODEGRADATION: Chemical breakdown of 90% of the material into CO2, water and minerals by biological action within 6 months
  • DISINTEGRATION: Physical decomposition of 90% of the material within 12 weeks, with the material able to pass through a 2 X 2 mm mesh
  • COMPOST QUALITY AND ECOTOXICITY: Compost quality should not decline, be contaminated, or adversely affect plant growth

This evaluation criteria meets or exceeds the following worldwide standards:

EUROPEAN NORM EN 13432-2000: Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation – test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging

AMERICAN STANDARD ASTM D6400-2004: Standard specification for compostable plastics

AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS4736-2006: Biodegradable plastics – biodegradable plastics suitable for composting and other microbial treatment

JAPANESE BIOPLASTICS ASSOCIATION (GREENPLA): Standards for compostable GreenPLA products

INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 17088:2008: Specifications for compostable plastics

Nuvision’s Exclusive PSM bottling material has achieved OK Compost and Din Certo certifications in Europe, GreenPLA in Japan and exceeds other requirements for credentials in America. No certifications labels exist at this time in Australia.

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Worldwide Sales & Distribution

US – China – Canada – Mexico – Latin America – Caribbean – Europe – Japan